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Living Life in the And

12 November 1975
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Welcome to my early 30s.

I live in Atlanta. I've been back for almost two years now, and it still doesn't remotely feel like home, and I highly doubt it ever will. I work at a PR firm that specializes in the automotive sector. This is good, because I like cars. A lot.

Personality-wise, I'm still very much a goth-punk on the inside, even if I do wear khakis and a bright green sweater to work. To know me is to know someone who spends far too much time pondering the mysteries of God, Love and Murder, but at least that makes me a lot more Johnny Cash than it does Connor O'Berst.

In my spare time, I try and curb my addiction to surfing the 'net, play racquetball, take in as much live theater as I can get through comp tickets at 7Stages, cook semi-fancy dinners for friends, assemble furniture from IKEA, and pretend to be semi-literate. I even do things on occasion that supposedly benefit humanity, like agreeing to teach Sunday school at church. Oh, won't somebody think of the children?!

This LiveJournal has pretty much replaced my old online journal, since it's easier to post to and maintain, and it let's me focus on my writing, which I've discovered I sorely missed doing. It's nice to hear my own voice again, and I'm enjoying letting it sing.